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Smoke bombs, sparks, fountains, and even those little snapshots that make a noise when you throw them against the sidewalk are all legal. Possession of illegal fireworks is a minor offense in Colorado. Penalties include up to 10 days in jail and/or up to $300 in fines.2 COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (KKTV) – You can see fireworks stalls appear outside the city limits before July 4, but most fireworks are illegal in Colorado. You commit the crime of contributing to a minor`s delinquency if: you commit an act or do not act in a certain way, and the act or inaction makes a child more vulnerable to illegal activities. Common examples include: allowing your 13-year-old son to stay outside after curfew and him. Note that in unincorporated areas of the state, it is generally legal to use Colorado-licensed fireworks on private property. According to Colorado`s fireworks laws, essentially anything that explodes once it leaves the ground is illegal to sell, buy, and use. These include: In some parts of Colorado, some types of fireworks are legal, but most are not. Illegal fireworks include those that are in the air or that explode or burst.

Examples of illegal fireworks include bottle rockets, cherry bombs, M-80s, and Roman candles. For those who want to celebrate safely with legal fireworks, Jason Bohling runs the Davy Jones Fireworks Tent in Arapahoe County. Colorado law states that all fireworks that explode or leave the ground are illegal throughout the state, but some communities allow fireworks like sparks and fountains. However, to the extent permitted by local law, children under the age of 16 may otherwise use legal fireworks under the supervision of an adult.3 The following list is subject to frequent changes depending on the weather. Before you buy, own, or use fireworks in Colorado, check with your local law enforcement department or fire department to see if such use is legal. In Colorado, all fireworks that explode or leave the ground are illegal nationwide, unless it`s a professionally curated show where some cities ban fountains and sparks altogether. Fireworks that explode or leave the ground are illegal throughout Colorado. These include fireworks purchased in neighboring states (such as Wyoming). Illegal use of fireworks in Colorado can cost you up to $2,750 in some jurisdictions. It can also put you in jail for a year. You could end up with a criminal record – simply because you`re patriotic. “The law says that if it leaves the ground or explodes, it`s illegal.

A tube into which you load a projectile that fires 150 feet in the air. illegal. Fireworks because they explode and you will go boom. Illegal. This one will fire a projectile 150 feet in the air with a display at the end, illegal,” Calkins said. DENVER (KDVR) – Buying fireworks for the fourth of July can be expensive, but it pales in comparison when you get a ticket to light illegal fireworks. Cylindrical and conical fountains, ground moths, torches and colored fire, soaked sticks and sparks, snakes and fireflies, tower noisemakers and some other novelties. These items are subject to size and chemical composition restrictions. We`ll contact you quickly to discuss your best legal defense against fireworks allegations in Colorado.

Don`t be patriotic if you have a criminal record. Contact us to find out why we are considered some of the best criminal defense attorneys in Colorado. This will not be a problem for mother Karen and her son Cody, who live in Arvada. They take care of the legal issues. Where local law permits, legal fireworks in Colorado consist of small devices that create acoustic or visual effects (but not explosion) by burning. Each category of fireworks allowed has a different upper limit for the maximum amount of explosive material that a device may contain. However, no domestic fireworks display may contain more than 50 milligrams of explosive composition. Illegal use of fireworks can cost you up to $2,750 in some CO jurisdictions. Maybe it`s better to watch one of the professional shows. The penalty for illegal fireworks includes a fine of $2,900 and up to 180 days in jail.

If a fire is caused by illegal fireworks, one can expect charges of arson and all associated penalties. While these stalls may be near you, the items sold there are still illegal in Colorado Springs and may be in other cities. Illegal fireworks in Colorado include (but are not limited to): If local law permits, legal fireworks in Colorado may include: And even fireworks that are otherwise legal under Colorado law are prohibited in: The following points are legal, according to the state, although all firefighters we spoke to are prohibited in: The following points are legal, according to the state, although all the firefighters we spoke to “We pass on our knowledge to other people so as not to sell illegal fireworks. Most of the things we sell here in Colorado are sparks. So they`re in fountains, so all they do is shower sparks, and then we teach people how to put them in safe areas,” Bohling said. However, local laws often impose harsher penalties. For example, in Denver, it is illegal to set off fireworks of any kind. The consequences of using or possessing fireworks in Denver and many other cities may include penalties for: Colorado`s fireworks laws vary by city or county. In some areas, including Denver, Fort Collins and Lakewood, fireworks are completely illegal, even on the fourth of July. “Within the city limits, all fireworks are illegal,” Lacy said. “No fireworks for the general public are allowed, and what we`re doing is allowing authorized public exhibitions.” Illegal fireworks in Colorado can result in fines and/or jail time.

Colorado Springs has stricter rules, which means that anything that is set on fire or ignited is illegal. “A lighter gets really hot. So we suggest you use a punk and it just has a red tip,” Bohling said. “And you`re not that close.” “We have one of those big backpacks, a bunch of fountains in there, a little bit of filling,” Cody said. “Right now we`re 14 down, so we couldn`t really increase it as much as I`d like, so we`ll be tight this weekend trying to handle as many calls as possible,” Treusch said. “What helps us a lot are things like the exact address, if you`re willing to talk to a sales representative, helpful.” What both say is more than enough to give them a happy Independence Day. July 4 is the busiest time of the year at the 911 dispatch center. The department is a stenographer despite the expectation of a higher than normal volume of calls. If you`re not sure about the rules for fireworks in your area, you can call your local fire department`s non-emergency number to ask. DENVER (KDVR) – Days around the fourth of July are the busiest time of the year for 911 dispatchers. However, local regulations vary by location and from year to year, depending on drought conditions.

Therefore, it`s best to check with your local law enforcement agency or fire department before buying or using fireworks. But remember that the use and possession of fireworks in national and state parks and other public spaces is still prohibited. The following list refers only to private property. For Bohling, it`s not just about profit, although he says he`s also spreading a message of safety. But this bang can cost you a fine of $2,900 and 180 days in Clink County. Olde Glory Fireworks owner Aeron Calkins told Problem Solvers that fireworks are not created equal, unlike humans. “People start fires with her every year,” said Brett Lacy, Colorado Springs Fire Marshal. “Anyone who violates it can be prosecuted. The police service will patrol. In Arapahoe County, fireworks are acceptable until July 5 if they don`t leave the ground, but the expedition still requires everyone to be safe. In Colorado, it is illegal to deliver fireworks to anyone under the age of 16. The law also prohibits people under the age of 16 from buying fireworks in Colorado.

The rules on fireworks vary by jurisdiction. The City of Pueblo, Pueblo County, and Fremont County comply with the state`s rules. And don`t throw water on your fun fireworks, but your city may be stricter than your county. Contact your local government to make sure your city and county are on the same page.

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