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With our generous referral policy, you can avoid repeating courses you`ve already taken and meet the credit requirements you need to complete your studies. See how: In this course, students will learn the evolution of federal and state law and learn how legal protocols work in the United States. They examine historical political reforms and their impact on contemporary practices. Legal studies programs focus on specific legal skills related to research, analysis, and writing. Professionals who earn a Master of Laws degree often earn above-average salaries and can pursue a career with expected growth between 2019 and 2029. Start your career with an online Bachelor of Laws degree. Use this resource, created by BestColleges` college experts, to explore your career options, salaries, courses, and concentrations in legal studies. The school requires at least 120 credits for the Bachelor of Laws. Participants in the bachelor`s program meet general education requirements that promote transferable skills that they can apply in subject-specific courses. Participants can receive career and curriculum advice from faculty mentors. Individuals participating in the online program can complete internships in person, which students typically complete on-site.

Berkeley College in New York City offers an online Bachelor of Science program in Legal Studies. Possible careers include correctional officers, court reporters and criminal justice professors. The 120-credit program includes a total of 40 classes. As of May 2020, legal secretaries earned an average annual salary of $52,750, while paralegals earned an average salary of $52,920. Court reporters earned a median annual salary of $61,660. Arbitrators, mediators and arbitrators earned an average of $66,130 per year. Hodges University`s online Bachelor of Laws degree program offers an optional blended learning option. Students can take some courses at the university campus in Naples, Florida. The most important requirements include legal interpretation, an introduction to constitutional law, and legal research and drafting. Students customize the program by selecting 12 elective courses. Graduates of William Woods University`s Bachelor of Science in Online Paralegal Studies can hold a variety of positions adjacent to law. With 14 virtual programs, the private institution trains students in Missouri and across the country.

In addition to personal bachelor`s degree programs, the school offers six distance bachelor`s degree programs. One of the benefits of an online Bachelor of Laws degree is geographical flexibility. Distance learners can choose from many top-notch online programs based on cost, academic offerings, and accreditation without geographical restrictions. Your online law degree will give you a solid understanding of the legal system, legal research, legal writing and professionalism in the field. They also take courses on advocacy, family affairs, international law, etc. By exploring the intersection of law and business, law and technology, you will remain at the forefront of this ever-changing field. Switch with an associate degree (or at least 60 credits from a previous institution) and have the option to earn your law degree as part of an accelerated cohort.* The cohort offers a streamlined study experience where you enroll in courses once you start the program and take one course at a time with the same group of peers online – have more collaborative experiences and have a stronger network to get started your career. DU offers guides that cover job interviews, resume writing, and job search. More than 90% of graduates find a job or participate in a graduate program within one year of graduation. Bellevue University is a private institution and offers personal programs on its campus in Bellevue, Nebraska. Students can also enroll in the school`s 79 online programs to graduate without moving. Distance learning students can earn the Bachelor of Science in Law at a distance from the institution.

Earning a degree is an investment in yourself, and we want to help you make sure it`s smart with a generous remittance policy and competitive tuition fees. Working students may prefer to graduate part-time. Students looking for an online degree can often choose synchronous courses that meet at specific times, or asynchronous courses that are more self-directed. Already have an associate degree? You could accelerate your bachelor`s degree. Searching for existing legal documents and gathering evidence in support of cases is among the most important skills lawyers need. In this course, students will learn how to find and evaluate relevant evidence from legal documents. Most programs require students to take a course in legal ethics. Learners explore the ethical procedures followed by lawyers.

Learners also analyze more abstract ethical issues through case studies and theoretical analyses. Paralegals employed by the federal government earned a median annual salary of $69,490 in May 2020, while those employed by financial and insurance agencies earned $66,390, according to BLS. Social managers employed by local government agencies earned a median annual salary of $87,720. SunY College of Technology in Guangzhou offers an online Bachelor of Science in Law for busy students who want to begin their law school journey while maintaining a job. In addition to educating students on its New York campus, the public institution offers 18 programs for graduates online. Distance learning students can pursue 12 distance bachelor`s degree programs. Associate in Applied Sciences Law (A.A.S.) Bachelor of Science in Law (B.S.) Certificate of Compliance Program Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate ProgramAdvanced Paralegal Certificate ProgramBasic Paralegal Certificate ProgramElectronic Paralegal Certificate Program At Berkeley College, the Partners` Bachelor`s and Legal Studies programs provide the analytical, technical, and scientific skills needed to pursue a career in many different areas of legal counseling. The program also offers a Pre-Law Advisory Center, which provides specialized resources and support to students who plan to study law and other advanced law studies.

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