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Under the direction and supervision of the Chief Public Defender and the Deputy Chief Public Defender, he is the prosecutor of the case for all indigent defendants in criminal cases, ensuring that Jackson County meets all constitutional and legal requirements for the representation of indigent adult offenders. The Deputy Public Defender will fully comply with the standards established by the MIDC/LARA. Key features include, but are not limited to:1. Represent clients in court proceedings, interview law enforcement officers, witnesses, correctional officers, etc. Conducts negotiations with the prosecutor and clients; prepares correspondence and legal documents; gathers evidence, conducts research and verifies documents, reports and statements.2. Conduct all aspects of criminal representation, including court appearances and arguments on charges, probable cause conferences, preliminary inquiries, pre-trial hearings, evidentiary motions, probation hearings, trials and convictions. Manages all necessary and appropriate legal matters. QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS REQUIRED: If you have any questions about HR positions or internships, please email Emily Vermeesch, HR Assistant. We offer summer and semester internships. Summer internships are announced at the end of December for the following year. This is an exempt position with excellent benefits including health, life, disability, paid time off and vacation, date of hire! BASIC BENEFITS (free of charge): $3,000 in cash instead of insurance; $30,000 life insurance, $30,000 DMA; long-term disability; employee wellness services; Employee Support Program; paid leave; Paid leave (based on seniority); Paid bereavement leave; and up to $2,000 per year in educational assistance. OPTIONAL SERVICES (cost sharing required): Medical, prescription, dentistry, vision; Optional life insurance for employees, spouses and dependent children; short-term disability; flexible spending accounts (medical and/or dependent care); consumption card; Full-time employees are offered up to 5% employer matching in our defined contribution/401a plan with voluntary contributions to our 457 plan and more than double the employee`s contribution to our Retirement Health Savings Plan (RHS).

Capacity to deal with serious crimes. Prefer someone with experience in criminal law. At the discretion of the Chief Public Defender, the right candidate can be trained. A valid Michigan driver`s license is also required. SALARY PROPORTIONAL TO EXPERIENCE; BENEFITS EFFECTIVE DATE OF RECRUITMENT Students interested in a semester internship should send an email to the executive counsel of the office where you wish to articling (see locations in the website menu). We are always looking for talented individuals who have an interest or experience in employment law. Whether you are an experienced employment lawyer or a graduate interested in working in employment law, send us your resume and transcript and we will contact you if opportunities arise in the future. We are always looking for talented individuals who have an interest or experience in employment law.

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