Most Stupid Laws in Virginia

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Some of these laws are old and obscure and have not been followed by legislators or law enforcement. Others have been revised to reflect the current situation. We hope you enjoyed these stupid and ridiculous laws. If you ever get burned by a crazy absurd law, be sure to call the professionals at Montagna Klein Camden in Norfolk city centre. We may not be able to tear down this archaic legislation, but we may only be able to dissuade you from being ticketed for spitting on a seagull in Norfolk (which you would never do, would you?) As with many of these laws, there are a few exceptions: These strange laws in Virginia aren`t the only strange things about the state. There are a few more! Click here to learn more about the strangest places to visit in the great state of Virginia. Check back next month to see the next issue of our blog about stupid laws. If you don`t have enough, check out our story of stupid legal blogs over the past few months. You`re sure to find one or two that will make you smile! This former Blue Law (laws to restrict or prohibit all or part of Sunday activities for religious or secular reasons) was repealed in 2004. It states: “On the first day of the week, commonly called and called Sunday, no person shall perform any work, work or enterprise, or employ other persons to perform any work, work or enterprise.

Also, different counties and municipalities have their own strange laws. For example, sometimes these laws are there for a very specific purpose. In other cases, it may simply be leftovers from previous decades. The Virginia Code contains several strange and interesting laws. This chapter covers moral crimes ranging from gambling to animal cruelty, and also includes a section that prohibits both blasphemy and public drunkenness. Most people take it for granted that their state has understandable and reasonable laws that everyone must obey. It is illegal to rob, attack or kill another person and to drive recklessly or while intoxicated. However, the Commonwealth has laws in books that you may not be familiar with. Whether you can be punished for violating these laws depends on that. In 2012, for example, the Virginia Supreme Court signed into law the law that made it illegal to use profane, indecent, or threatening language on the phone. However, there are no recent known cases where a couple who had sex with the lights on was prosecuted. Although it is in the Virginia Code, a place within the state may also have its own laws that allow or prohibit golf carts on the roads.

The Virginia Code contains many laws governing hunting, boating, and fishing in the Commonwealth. Many of these regulations dictate when you can perform these activities. Despite the strange nature of these laws, you must remember that these are still crimes that can be punished by both fines and, in some cases, imprisonment. The opioid epidemic is a serious problem in many counties and cities in Virginia. Especially when it comes to heroin, these laws can be incredibly strict. Under Virginia`s implied possession laws, an official can charge you with possession even if you don`t have drugs with you. Here are the most ridiculous Virginia laws we`ve been able to find: If you`re on the wrong side of these laws, talk to an experienced attorney right away. What can make these blogs so funny is the fact that these laws should simply be taken for granted or are so unusual that they violate the norms of most other states. Virginia is no exception, with amusing laws like: Suzi Wolf, Paralegal Suzi helps with research and analysis in every case handled by Robinson Law, PLLC, and she is responsible for all the work “behind the scenes.” His main tasks range from accounting and drafting contracts to submitting applications and supporting in the preparation of the process.

Wife. Wolf is excited to take on her latest project as the firm`s blogger and hopes to make informative and entertaining contributions on common topics in criminal law. This list of strange laws criminalizes acts ranging from duplicating house keys to concealing wills. What do you think of these strange laws in Virginia? Have you ever violated any of the laws listed above? Do you know of any other strange laws that still exist? Or maybe you know some other fun facts about Virginia? Let us know your thoughts! Surprisingly, the above laws aren`t the only strange laws in Virginia. There are several other illegal things in Virginia that will scratch your head. For example, it is illegal to sell lettuce and brittle peanuts on Sundays. There are also a few cities in Virginia with strange laws. One example is Richmond, where it is illegal to flip a coin to determine who is paying for coffee. Then there`s Virginia Beach, where a drunk passenger can be charged with drunk driving. We like to think of ourselves as law-abiding citizens here in Virginia. But many people don`t realize that Virginia has several outdated and strange laws.

While some make sense (at least a little), most illegal things in Virginia will make you wonder how the problem became a legal issue in the first place. You`ll laugh at some of the following strange laws in Virginia. Let`s just make it a good thing that many of them are not strictly enforced. While some of these laws may seem strange at first, most have very real and serious concerns behind them. Every month we want to bring you funny or ridiculous laws from all over the country. From chance to the absolutely unbelievable, we had fun coming up with some of the craziest laws in every region of our great country. This month, we`re making a stop in the beautiful state of Virginia to bring you the latest edition of our blog for stupid laws! We`ve all heard a few unusual laws – for example, in Washington state, you can be fined or even arrested if you “harass Bigfoot.” As lawyers, we had many moments where we wondered, “Why was this law written in the first place?” Although these archaic laws are rarely enforced, they are always good for laughs. Enjoy! As long as you remember to abide by these Virginia laws, you can be sure you won`t get into trouble! Make sure you respect these laws during your visit! Below we describe the 9 sections we found most interesting.

In almost any situation, crossing a highway in a golf cart or other commercial vehicle is illegal. This includes ATVs and similar vehicles. Over the years, some strange laws have been added to the document. For example, it`s illegal to hunt on Sundays unless you`re chasing raccoons, so that`s fine. It is also illegal for unmarried people to have sex. From protecting animals from injury to preventing health conditions like cancer, most Virginia Code laws have both a purpose and a story. These small X-ray machines looked like wooden boxes with an opening for a foot. A person – often a child – would set foot there. This law is not unique to Virginia, as many other states recognize the danger this action poses to the public. The foot was then X-rayed so the seller could see where the foot ended and where the shoe began.

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