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Paul Armento, deputy director of drug policy group NORML, said Texas is one of the leading states for marijuana possession arrests and possession of marijuana concentrates, which are legal in New Mexico, carries a penalty of up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine in Texas. In February 2020, the Las Cruces City Council passed a resolution calling on the state legislature to pass the Cannabis Regulation Act to legalize recreational cannabis in New Mexico. [61] [62] The resolution passed 6-1, with Mayor Ken Miyagishima voting against it. [63] [64] On Friday, April 1, 2022, the sale of adult-use cannabis officially began in New Mexico. New Mexicans aged 21 and older can now start buying cannabis in retail stores. The start of adult sales comes exactly 366 days after Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the Cannabis Regulation Act. In 2021, New Mexico became the 18th state to legalize adult-use cannabis, and the fifth to do so through the legislative process rather than voter initiative. The law officially entered into force on June 29, 2021. Adults can legally possess up to two ounces of cannabis and grow up to six mature plants.

A summary of the law that was HB 2 can be read here. Medical use was legalized in 2007 by a law signed by Governor Bill Richardson. A 1978 law also allowed medical use, but only through a government-approved research program. It was the first medical cannabis law enacted by a state. The cannabis industry in New Mexico, which still relies on cash to avoid conflicts with federal law, has access to banking services through an alternative certification system for credit unions and banks backed by attorneys general. For general questions, please email: RLD.cannabiscontrol@state.nm.us In April 2019, Senate Bill 323 was signed into law by Governor Lujan Grisham. [23] She made the first possession of up to 1/2 ounces (14 g) of cannabis a minor offence punishable by a $50 fine. [24] He also decriminalized possession of drug paraphernalia and made New Mexico the first state to do so. [25] SB 323 passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 44 to 20 and the Senate by a vote of 30 to 8. [26] It entered into force on 1 July 2019. [23] And yes, this means that for a few months, possession of small amounts of cannabis will be decriminalized, while it is not yet legal to buy or sell it in the state. In November 2014, voters in Bernalillo and Santa Fe counties voted for election measures expressing support for “efforts by counties, cities and states to decriminalize possession of an ounce or less of marijuana.” [48] [49] Initially, referendums were blocked by Secretary of State Dianna Duran (who argued that state law did not allow non-binding questions), but the New Mexico Supreme Court struck them down in September 2014.

[50] [51] The measures were adopted with support of 60% and 73%, respectively. [48] [49] LAS CRUCES – Am 29. June will be legal for adults in the state of New Mexico, but don`t plan on walking to the local cannabis store or coffee shop with your credit card in your pocket just yet. The State still needs to take some steps before the regulated market opens. In June 2019, Governor Lujan Grisham announced the formation of the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization to determine the best path forward for legalization during the 2020 legislature. [30] Grisham said, “This group will ensure that we begin the next session with a credible, fair and consistent legalization proposal that includes all concerns about public safety, workplace regulations, labeling requirements to protect underage children and all sorts of other issues. [31] The task force was comprised of more than 20 people from diverse backgrounds, including state legislators, cabinet secretaries, law enforcement officials, and medical cannabis executives. [30] [32] For licensing and licensing document issues: CCD.licensing@state.nm.us If you have been stopped for any other reason, the smell of cannabis in your vehicle is no longer a reason for state or local law enforcement to suspect, stop or search you. For non-medical cannabis, the state has until September to begin processing business licenses and establish rules for the production, marketing and service of cannabis by January. Retail sales are expected to begin no later than April 1 next year, if not earlier.

The Cannabis Control Division licenses cannabis producers, micro-enterprises, integrated micro-enterprises, manufacturers, retailers, consumption areas, vertically integrated facilities, courier services, and testing and research laboratories. Licences are valid for one year from the date of issue. While most licences are applied for online, CCD staff assist applicants and licensees throughout the initial licensing and renewal process in subsequent years. The department works with the Department of Public Security, the Office of the State Engineer, the Department of Environment, and other state agencies, tribes, and pueblos to help applicants obtain licenses. In December 2018, the Santa Fe City Council passed a resolution calling on state legislators to “enact legalization laws.” .

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