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The following special rules apply to matters relating to legal separation proceedings: 11. Decree on legal separation. (a) registration of the decision granting the application for legal separation at the registry office where the marriage was contracted and at the civil registry office of the family court; and (b) the recording of the approved division and division of the spouses` property in the register of deeds in which the immovable property is located. In the decree, the court cites the optional part of the registered judgment and attaches the approved deed of partition to the decree. According to the law, the procedure can only start 6 months after the date of filing of the application. According to the law, this cooling-off period should allow the parties to reconsider this and reconcile. Again, this is consistent with the tendency of Philippine law to maintain the marriage covenant. Failure to comply with the above requirements may be grounds for immediate rejection of the application. However, an application for dismissal shall be granted only on the ground of lack of jurisdiction over the object or the parts. A simple separation of immovable property in a no-fault proceeding would also be possible, but through a separate remedy known as judicial separation of property.

My ex-husband (US citizen) and I had been separated for almost 3 years and we had a daughter. After we got married here in the Philippines and I was pregnant with our daughter at the same time, he returned to the United States and never came back. We had a smooth LDR marriage relationship for a few months, but I found out he was cheating on me several times. Now he lives – with another woman is the United States. He has not paid family allowances for a year. I want a divorce that is secure and that he pays alimony for our daughter. What is the best advice you can give me about my concern? What are the steps I had to take as it is difficult for me to deal with the legal actions mentioned because he is a US citizen and currently lives in the US while we live here in the Philippines. Please note that in the event of judicial separation of property, the spouses` mutual maintenance obligation continues. In addition, unlike legal separation, there is no exclusion of succession, revocation of gifts or designation as beneficiary in insurance policies. Hi lawyer, My husband and I have been physically separated for almost 2 years due to financial issues. I paid off our debts so we could meet again on a clean slate. Unfortunately, for 3 months, the other woman appears again and claims that she and my husband have been living as husband and wife for 1.5 years and that she was pregnant.

Sad that the baby died at birth. I don`t know that and I still accept my husband for our child. But as the months went by, I had the feeling that he was doing it again for another woman. He beats me physically and always says bad words when he`s drunk and angry. Can I request a cancellation or separation? I want to make sure my child always has financial support, how can I do that? Thank you. In the Philippines, a Catholic country where divorce is not legal, spouses have three options; Legal separation, annulment or inaction. Cancellation is a lengthy and expensive process; Doing nothing (and having another partner) can be more dangerous, as you are accused of adultery and the traits can still be marital. The best thing to do is to file a legal separation application in the Philippines, read our guide. You cannot apply for legal separation in the following cases: STEP 1: Find a lawyer. A family law lawyer is recommended. Talk to the lawyer about your situation and the fact that you want a legal separation from your spouse. Note that the husband or wife can only submit the petition, in-laws and children cannot.

If the prosecutor finds collusion, he indicates this in his report. The parties shall submit their respective representations establishing collusion within 10 days of receiving a copy of the report. The court shall draw up the report of the hearing and reject the application if it is satisfied that the parties are in consultation. The application must be filed with the family court of the province or city where the plaintiff or defendant resided for at least six months prior to the filing date or, in the case of a non-resident defendant, if located in the Philippines, at the plaintiff`s option. [Must read: Residence: Guidelines for validating compliance with the condition of jurisdiction (annulment, declaration of invalidity, legal separation)] Please help me out of my situation. I don`t think my husband has fallen in love and I`m not sure I love him yet. I need to be separated from him before I get depressed, I`m still crying, my heart is still shaking, I`ve never been at peace with him around me these days. I don`t think I deserve that kind of treatment from him. I asked him to leave our house if he didn`t want to change his behavior towards me and our eldest son.

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