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In this seminar, we will discuss this legal guide, which provides an overview of the law on allegations of sexual offences against children. The guide provides an overview of the most important crimes, guides you through the key stages of a case, from the first indictment to conviction and criminal record, and offers practical advice on the work that needs to be done by the defense at each stage. The Youth Law Center is committed to sharing resources, information, and advocacy tools that can improve quality of life and opportunities for foster youth and juvenile justice. Our goal is to strengthen the field through knowledge and increase the impact of those working on change for our children and youth. Sign up for our newsletter to get all our juvenile justice updates straight to your inbox Get discounts on juvenile justice education and a host of other benefits when you become a YLLC member Justice for Children lies in parental love. When children are not with the family, there must be a sense of urgency to ensure they receive the love, care and support that every child needs and deserves. Fight with us for justice for children and youth in foster care and juvenile courts. COMMITMENT to seek urgent and tireless solutions. INTEGRITY to do the best we can for our customers, regardless of the financial or social consequences for ourselves, and to earn the trust of our supporters and customers. KNOWLEDGE of law, research and facts in the field. RESPECT for the individuality of children and families and their potential to thrive and respect for the efforts of those who strive to serve them.

YELC does not accept donations or receive funding. He doesn`t have a bank account and doesn`t charge any fees. It is registered with the Law Society of NSW. Our work aims to ensure that children are not only protected from harm and dangerous conditions, but also receive the support, opportunities and love they need to grow up healthy and happy. For decades, we have been at the forefront of systems transformation to be truly child-centred and inform research through litigation, policy reform, media advocacy, collaborative system change projects, training and consultation, and public education. “When I was in a group home, I was taught to believe that there was no one to take care of me as a parent. That this group home was all I had. Since then, I have accomplished a lot. I would give up EVERYTHING if I could go back and have a real family.

If I could have parents.

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